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Patent Attorney Co-worker Group (Germany)

Hammerstraße 3
57072 Siegen
Tel.: +49 (0) 271 / 337 14-0
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Members incl. UID:
Wolf-Dietrich Große (UID: DE212801224)
Walter Klüppel (UID: DE238704665)
Ulrich Kross (UID: DE 294482215)

The members Klüppel and Kross are also members of the firm Hemmerich & Kollegen, Siegen.

The work title "Patentanwalt" (Patent Attorney) was conferred in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Professional liability insurance effective worldwide.
Zurich-Insurance plc NfD, 53827 Bonn

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Wolf-Dietrich Große, Walter Klüppel und Ulrich Kross
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Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

  1. Taking over representation of a client extends to all measures necessary for obtaining, maintaining, defending or looking after a protective right. Representation by the patent attorneys includes, in particular, representation of the client when required before the German Patent and Trademarks Office, the Federal Patent Court and/or the European Patent Office.
  2. The patent attorneys are authorised to carry out the required work (or parts thereof), to appoint help to achieve this, such as qualified assistants, patent attorney colleagues or legal colleagues (including from outside) and also to grant these when needed a subordinate power of attorney, provided that responsibility to the client for the results always remains with the patent attorneys.
  3. Liability of the patent attorneys for damage to clients represented by the patent attorneys within the scope of the representation they have accepted is limited to the amount of compensation provided by the professional liability insurance of the attorneys in the individual case. Claims going beyond that by the client against the patent attorneys are excluded. The patent attorneys especially are not liable for any mistakes by foreign patent attorney colleagues who have been authorised to represent the interests of the client abroad.
  4. A search which may be carried out at client request, such as with respect to prior art or older rights (patents or marks, etc.), will be conducted by the patent attorneys or their assistants to the best of knowledge and ability. However, the patent attorneys do not give any guarantee or accept any liability for the completeness of a search, which has been conducted, with regard to whether all relevant material was in fact located by the search.
  5. An opinion which may be given at client request with respect to infringement of a protective right or to the protection, particularly patentability, of invention subject matter will be provided by the patent attorneys or their assistants to the best of knowledge and ability and on the basis of their lengthy experience. However, the patent attorneys do not give any guarantee or accept any liability for confirmation by infringement courts or patent offices of the assessment concerning patent infringement or patentability given by the attorneys in their opinion.
  6. Verbal information, particularly by telephone, given by the patent attorneys or their assistants to the client is binding only after written confirmation by the patent attorneys.
  7. Engagement of the patent attorneys takes place at all times only by payment in advance.  In particular, payment of official fees to patent offices will be made by the patent attorneys at all times only after deposit of a remittance equal to the official fees plus any service charges of the patent attorney into the attorney’s account. The client must accept that a late or insufficient deposit into the account of the patent attorneys can have the consequence of late payment of the official fees and thus loss of the client’s right.
  8. The client is to inform the patent attorneys without delay of a change of address and any changes concerning the respective protective right, for example a transfer of the right.  Possible damage or loss of rights due to late communication of information are the responsibility of the client.
  9. Work undertaken in the individual case directly by a patent attorney will be separately charged depending on expenditure of time at the current hourly rate or – in the case of certain legal proceedings – in accordance with the lawyer reimbursement law. In addition, normal office work and takeover of representation will be charged at set rates or to a basic fee scale.  Official fees, the current hourly rate and the charges for individual actions to be undertaken in connection with representation are to be communicated to the client on request in each individual case. Charges communicated to the client are to be understood at all times as net amounts plus obligatory value added tax and possible official fees.
  10. The client agrees that all transfers of monies are to take place by way of a bank account of the patent attorneys. The patent attorneys are not obliged to accept, in particular, cheques or bills of exchange, etc., even in the case of imminent expiry of a term.
  11. The appointment agreement is with a member of the Co-worker Group and is for an indefinite term; however, it can be cancelled without notice at any time by the client or by the patent attorney.  In the case of cancellation the client has no entitlement to refund of payments, particularly refund of basic charges, justifiably paid to the patent attorney up to the effective time of cancellation.
  12. If any of the terms stated in this appointment agreement are or become ineffective the remaining terms remain force.
  13. It is agreed that the District Court of Düsseldorf is responsible for disputes arising from an appointment relationship.


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